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Park Plaza Meetings & Events

Your Event by Park Plaza

Clickable Convenience:
Book an event with Park Plaza and we will create a customized web page for your event. Your attendees can go online anytime, anywhere, to book their room reservations, check driving directions and review all of the event details. So, you bring people together long before the actual event.

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How Does it Work? It's as easy as 1...2...3...4...5!

  1. Book an event at Park Plaza.
  2. Provide your hotel contact with information for your event.
  3. The hotel creates your customized Web page.
  4. Distribute an e-mail with the customized Web page link to your attendees.
  5. Attendees visit the web page at their convenience to reserve rooms, preview event details and local area information.

For general assistance with group requests of 10 or more rooms per night contact Park Plaza Hotels at:

Europe: + 44 207 034 1347
Asia: + 1 402 501 5030
US & Canada: + 1 800 434 7105

If your event requires less than 10 rooms per night, please contact any Park Plaza location directly to schedule your event. After your event is booked, the hotel will create your event web page.