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OAKS puts down roots in Nottingham

OAKS restaurant and bar on Bromley Place, is set to open this spring

March 2015 - Nottingham’s newest dining concept is putting down roots in the city and branching out with a unique way of cooking locally sourced food over wood embers.

OAKS restaurant and bar on Bromley Place, is set to open this spring, serving handmade sausage created to their own recipe and chicken, steaks and burgers, flavoured with homemade marinades and sauces.

A brand new thirty-strong team is being recruited to join OAKS, from a head chef and restaurant manager to the front of house team and bar and waiting staff. The passionate team will need to be food fanatics and ale and wine lovers, willing to step up to a new challenge in a restaurant proud of its local heritage and the quality service it offers to up to 90 diners. The new team at OAKS will be working closely with local suppliers to ensure that as much produce as possible is sourced from around the county.

The craft ales will be delivered by nearby Castle Rock brewery, wine will be served by the carafe and the range of cocktails will reflect modern classics using only the best ingredients. All of the logs used for cooking on the custom-built cast iron grill will be taken from the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, which produces the wood as a natural by-product of sustainable coppicing.

Diners will be able to take in the atmosphere of the open kitchen and watch chefs prepare their food in a way that is currently only being used in a handful of restaurants in the UK.

The generous bar and restaurant area at OAKS takes it’s interior influence from Nottinghamshire’s rich heritage and British craftsmanship. Using natural materials including charred wood and brick and hewn oak tables, OAKS will have a relaxed vibe complete with an open cellar to give diners a behind the scenes glimpse at the working restaurant.

The interiors and concepts are being developed by design house ‘The House With’ which seamlessly integrates some of the country’s best designers and artisans to create and fully incorporate cross genre hand crafted design.’ – the lead creatives from The House With working on OAKS are both former Nottingham Trent University graduates.

For more information on OAKS visit OAKS Nottingham on Facebook or Instagram or follow on Twitter @Oaksnottingham. To find out more about the jobs at OAKS or to apply for one of the positions email team@oaksnottingham.co.uk