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Travelling in Amsterdam: Getting around Amsterdam

Choosing a hotel that is ideally located in Amsterdam's city centre, you are granted short commutes to the most fascinating and exciting sights in Amsterdam.

Getting around in Amsterdam is easy, tickets can be bought at the hotel reception, in the tram and bus, the tickets & info shop or the web shop. The price of a one hour ticket is €3 and a ticket for 24 hours costs €7, 50. There are also tickets for 2 to 7 days which are relatively cheaper, if you are staying for a longer time in Amsterdam. The price depends on the amount of hours and days of using public transportation in Amsterdam.

All of these tickets can be used for the bus, metro and tram. With these options of public transportation it is possible to travel around the whole city. For traveling by train, the ticket can be bought at the ticket machines, which can be found everywhere in the train station. If you need help with buying the tickets, there is a helpdesk inside the train station.

Each year, about one million visitors arrive in Amsterdam by car. While the city is fairly hospitable to drivers, cars are discouraged in the inner city area. It is advisable to make sure your navigation system is of a fairly recent date.

Always park your car at official parking places. For on-street parking, look for the blue light box with the white letter P. In these situations, you must typically pay pre-pay for parking from the nearest parking meter. In total there are approximately 80.000 parking spaces available.

Should you, despite ideal public transport options, decide to discover the city by car, be aware that in the shopping areas are only for pedestrians. In all of the other areas cars are allowed.

If you are in need of a cab, you can ask the friendly reception staff to order a cab for you. They would be happy to help.Should you have any questions about getting around in Amsterdam by taxi, the reception staff can be of assistance as well.